Saturday 21 November 2009

Certainly NOT A Fete-Worse-Than-Death!

Friday was almost non-stop sewing. I sewed some costumes for the youngest children at school who are doing a Christmas Production.


I am not altogether sure where these vehicles fit into the Nativity Story. I mean, had they been aeroplanes, it would have been the Flight Into Egypt [with Pontius the Pilate!]

I think this may be another story altogether

Then I cut out lots of stockings. It was amazing to realise how many different pieces of 'Christmas Fabric' I have in the Great Stash

DSCF0918 These were put into pairs, and sewn up with lace trim, then stuffed with small toiletries, to sell at the School Fete.



Then I made some Christmas bunting - some to take to Cornerstones, and some for Liz...



I assembled all my other bits and pieces for the fete and fell into bed  extremely late.

The Fete today went well - but I think there were far fewer people there than last year, and everybody seemed to feel they had done less business on their stalls. But I had some great conversations with children and parents and dished out lots of flyers for the Panto at Church [ Saltmine Theatre Co are coming to do "Treasure Island"]

I embroidered quite a few bibs and facecloths and wondered at the amazing names people give their children!

When I got home, after a rest, I went into the loft to retrieve the Jesse Tree and a few more bits to take to Cornerstones. We've decided not to over-decorate [especially as we don't actually go till Dec 27th, which is after Christmas] but we thought it would be good to put wreaths on the doors and just a few little festive touches.

In the box labelled "Wreaths" I found something I had forgotten about - last January, in IKEA's sale, I got a straw wreath for just 50p


It was worth that for the basket it is in - but I need to decorate it a little. It will have to hang inside, it is in no way weatherproof. I shall leave it out for a few days and wait for inspiration to strike!

But now I must get some sleep!

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  1. Hi Angela, that was one of those 'I feel tired just reading it' posts! You have been busy! The little stockings are really cute and I can't wait to find out more about your Jesse Tree. We did one last year but the vote by the boys was for a return to the traditional calendar this year. Can't win 'em all...


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