Wednesday 18 November 2009

Scissors and Soup

DSCF0911 Another busy day. Very satisfying teaching at school, then after that, Sewing Club. The girls are working well on their Christmas bits.

They are particularly keen on the 'leaf' stitch on Ann's machine, sewn in a variegated thread,  which you can see here on the bottom of Ellie's purse - and another variant of it below on the hem of Bethany's mat.


I got a new pair of scissors in John Lewis for the Club


We were greatly amused by the instructions on the back of the packaging...


..yes, you do need a pair of scissors to remove the scissors from the pack. Bit of a Catch 22 situation there, I think!

Bob has been equally busy. Among other things, today he was hosting the lunch for the local clergy. So he'd made a tureen of carrot and coriander soup for them. When I got home this evening, there was a bowl of soup and warm bread rolls waiting for me. A lovely treat on a cold autumn evening.



The man has been today to measure up for our new windows. It will be lovely to have the faulty ones replaced at last- but I am not at all sure that the first week in December will be a good time to have this done.

I shall just have to keep even busier and move about a lot more so I do not feel the cold. Lots of hot soup to be eaten that week, I think!


  1. I like the varigated leaf stitch, too!
    The soup looks lovely!

  2. " keep even busier and move about a lot more" - is that actually possible? Won't you explode like a supernova?


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