Sunday 29 November 2009

A Fairly Quiet Sunday

chlorasepticSpent part of last night sitting in an armchair as I had developed a cough which worsened when I lay down. Bob had been out and got me some throat spray on Saturday morning, and I was feeling a bit sorry for myself when he brought me a cup of tea first thing! He wasn't much better himself- I think we are both succumbing to colds.

However I drove off to my preaching engagement - and was cheered by the sight of a rainbow ahead of me. The congregation at the church I was visiting was small in number, but welcoming. The organist was a visitor too. "I help out when they are short" he said. He told me he lived in Dibley. "Ah, they have no Baptist minister at the moment" I said. "No - and no Baptist Church either" he retorted gruffly. I decided not to point out that they did have a Baptist Church, but not a building! The church is alive and well, and worshipping in a local school. But I didn't want to antagonise the only musician on a theological issue before we began worship, and decided to save my voice for preaching with. But I did feel a little sad at his perception of the situation.

candle bridge The congregation were very responsive and sang enthusiastically - and they had decorated their chapel already with much gold tinsel, red and white silk poinsettias, and a tree, and a crib, Advent wreath, and lots of those candle bridges on the windowsills [Bob calls them 'Baptist Menorahs'!]

I have tried to take things easy this afternoon, still coughing quite a bit and throat very sore. But hey-ho, lots of people are suffering much more, this is just a cold.

boots I wore my best black leather boots today [this picture is from the Internet, but mine are just like this] because it was cold and wet and I wasn't sure how far it was to walk from the car park to the chapel. I am very fond of them, but they are about 18 years old now. They still look ok when polished.  This resulted in what you might call a "Jack Sprat" moment.

FAT - since 1990, I am afraid my calves have got fatter, and they were a little bit tight at the top. Must work on that!

THIN-  the soles are so thin now, I think I could "stand on a threepenny bit and tell you if it was heads or tails" as my grandfather would have said! Must get them to the cobblers.

3d bit

Bob has gone out to church without me this evening. I could not face going and being totally unable to join in the hymns. I have been reading through the Advent reflections posted by people who have joined in the Event set up by my thoughtful friend Floss [here]

Sounds like they had a good time at our church this morning - the Worship Group led the service, around the theme of Four Candles/Fork 'Andles.[ Ancient British Comedy sketch - check here if you do not know it!]

border4s Tomorrow the man is coming to shampoo the carpets. I'm hoping it will still be possible for me to nip out to the shops at some point - our Sainsburys has just re-opened following a massive refurbishment, and the Borders on the same site has just started its Closing Down Sale. [I wonder where the Knitting Group will meet now?]


  1. I'm sorry you have a cold, Angela! I hope you are well soon!

  2. Happy Advent! I like your boots very much--aren't you glad it's boot weather? Perhaps less happy that it's cold and flu weather ... Borders is closing down? I hope that's because your local independent book shop is thriving!



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