Monday 16 November 2009

Coughs And Sneezes Spread Diseases

sanitiserWe are being Very Careful at Church about spreading germs. The Meeters and Greeters at the door, and the Deacons serving Communion are taking extra care to use hand sanitizing gel, and there are dispensers of the stuff all over the premises.

It was even mentioned in The Notices before the services started yesterday [so we know it Must Be Important!]

Trouble is, I kept thinking of this WW2 poster...

coughs and sneezes

and then I kept thinking of Tony Hancock...

My afternoon of Supply Teaching was cancelled and I am feeling a little light-headed. Perhaps I am going down with something!


  1. Our church is being careful/prudent/a bit fussy, about the Communion cup.

  2. Not quite the same problem at Communion for Baptists like me - for us, it is a case of "You in your small tumbler, and I in mine"!


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