Monday 23 November 2009

Dishwasher Blues

Sometimes when you are juggling too many things at once, you don't just drop one of them - the whole lot goes crashing to the ground!

Like Sunday morning - an even busier than usual Sunday. I was trying to stir the porridge. and make a pot of tea, and unloading the dishwasher [all at the same time] when I noticed that everything coming out of the d/w was dirty.


I am really grateful for my d/w - it usually gets everything really clean, using less water than I could be hand, and saves me time and energy. But when it doesn't work, it somehow seems to make the crockery even dirtier, baking on the the morning porridge and the even hot chocolate.

Bob arrived in the kitchen for breakfast, all smart in his best suit. He bent down and tried to spin the d/w rotor arm. He declared it to be stuck. "Leave it" I said "Breakfast's ready"  So he spun it again - and water drops flew everywhere!

I quickly retrieved two mugs and bowls, washed them by hand, and we ate breakfast. Then he went off to his study to continuing preparing for worship.

I unloaded everything from the d/w onto the worktops, then decided it would all benefit from a soak in hot soapy water [with two denture tablets added for extra cleansing] I fetched a second washing up  bowl from the Utility Room. Nowhere to put it. So I placed it on the only clear space [the hob]

That was when I realised I had left the gas ring on when I removed the porridge saucepan! [Quick chorus of "There's a hole in my bucket, dear Lisa...."]


Bob said "There's nothing like the smell of napalm first thing in the morning" and "Which Care Home was it you wanted to go into, dear?"

We laughed and went off to church. Kay wanted to know if I had taken a photo for the blog. Well I have now, Kay! Although if my camera had been to hand earlier, I might have photographed the flames as well!!

Church was brilliant, and Deb's Sunday School class were doing the story of elderly Jacob travelling to Egypt to be reconciled with Joseph. They made fabulous tents [biscuits] on sand [brown sugar] and grass [coloured desiccated coconut] with jelly baby men. The text [just visible] written round the plate reads "God will take care of you". Aren't they brilliant?


Home for lunch, and the re-run d/w seems to be OK now.

A busy afternoon [doing stuff for Adapt, the premature baby charity] and now church then off to Cornerstones - 36 hours of rest before the nonstop Christmas programme begins.

BTW If you really want to know what to do with your d/w, check out the Real Simple pages here and here. They even give tips on using a d/w to cook salmon!!


  1. Yikes! I'm glad you'll be off for a 36 hour rest! You're such a happy, helpful person. I love your writer's voice when you tell about the activity around you.

  2. Oh dear!
    but are you sure about the salmon????

  3. oh no its true everything happens at once, fliss xx

  4. Usually when I'm in situations where everything is happening at once, I break at least two bowls. Haven't set fire to anything yet, but I have managed to forget more than once I was melting butter in a pan for quesadillas, only to have the smoke detector go off. The alarm company is used to me by now, though. The alarm goes off, they call, ask if I'm fixing dinner again ...sigh.



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