Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Animal Antics

Usually when I arrive at the flat in Elephant and Castle, Liz and Jon help unload the car, then someone makes a cup of tea. This week they are away - so on Sunday night, I let myself in there was only Monty the Cat waiting for me. I should mention the comprehensive information and instruction list on the kitchen table- along with a bottle of Gin and some limes, and bottles of milk and tonic water in the fridge! I have drunk much tea but no G&T. Once Monty had realised I was his food provider this week, he has made a fuss of me, and scratched at my bedroom door each morning. But he will not pose for photographs. I am finding it hard writing this post on Liz's pc, so not sure if these two pictures will come out. There is another cat who lives down the road who looks remarkably similar- he could star in his own film

"I was Monty's double" is a very clever WW2 film, based on a true story and well worth watching if you have a large heap of ironing to do!

Monday evening I had a meal with Mark and Steph. Their pet is Ghibli the rabbit [see here for explanation] was much more amenable to a camera session. [I will post a better picture of The Ring later]
Thank you Liz&Jon for letting me have accommodation at your place while I was up in town for WWDP Committee [so much nicer than a Travelodge] and thankyou Steph&Mark for a lovely evening [and a delicious risotto which I could eat without chewing] The swelling in my cheek continues to subside, and my gum is less painful each day, for which I rejoice.


  1. Awwwwww, lovely animals! I'd live a rabbit! Glad you had a nice stay and the tooth is improving??? X

  2. Lovely to have family accommodation waiting for you.
    Maybe the gin was for the cat?

  3. Tooth is improving greatly, thankyou. The antibiotics for the gum infection mean no alcohol allowed - and NO I did NOT give Monty any gin!!

  4. Gin-ger cat? lol!
    Glad you gums are less painful and swollen too.
    Soon be back to eating the crackling!

  5. Ella, our cat is at least 22 years old would you believe.

  6. Every home should have a cat!
    Jane x


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