Wednesday, 30 July 2014

If I Missed You, Shirley, Pardon!!

I was sure that was what he was singing when they played it on Children's Favourites [on the BBC Light Programme back in the 60’s] And why was it sung by an American? And what about that bizarre bird verse [bobolink? tanager? cardinal? in an English garden??]

How many songbirds fly to and fro, thru our English country garden?
I'll tell you now of some that I know, those I miss you'll surely pardon
Bobolink, cuckoo and quail, tanager and cardinal
Bluebird, lark, thrush and nightingale
There is joy in the spring when the birds begin to sing
In an English country garden

An English Country Garden was the theme for our OAPs “Holiday at Home” this year – a whole crowd of Senior Citizens descended ont he church hall for 3 days for fun and games and food and friendship and much more besides. Janet and Gwen were the leaders and did a fabulous job with their team. Here’s the entertainer, Our Flossie


The backdrop was Kirby Manor – a fictitious country house, which the National trust would envy. Here’s Janet, with Gwen's MIL Maisie, working on a quiz. Thanks to the team, for all your hard work!


Abi and the Youth Group helped produced flower collages to decorate the Hall, and everyone had a wonderful time.


It may be ‘Summer holidays’ for some people, but here at KMFC business goes on as usual. We have got our Social Care Fair on Saturday – with dozens of local organisations exhibiting. All free!


And then the following week it is Holiday Bible Club


Bob and I will really need a holiday at the end of it all!


  1. What a brilliant idea! Holiday Club for grannies!

  2. We sang that song in Singing Assembly this term. I found pictures of all those birds for the PowerPoint. you have worked so hard this holiday!!! You are amazing! Dc

  3. Oh yes, in need of a holiday, you both work so hard!xx

  4. Bobolink,Tanager and Cardinal can be found in my garden!
    Jane x


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