Monday, 14 July 2014

Ticket To Ride

photo (2)Last November, my friend Carole asked me to make some labels for the yellow jumpers she was knitting for her woolly sheep. These were part of a fundraising project for the church in Buckden.


Carole spends many holidays up there in the Yorkshire Dales, and wanted to support them as they tried to find funds to repair the church roof. As the Tour De France was passing through the village, they hoped to sell a few of these little chaps to the visitors. I was thrilled to receive a text from her saying they raised £1000 – that’s quite brilliant. Well done to everyone involved.

Liz managed to win tickets to see the final British stage of Le Tour, last Monday, as they rode down the Mall. She and Jon had a fabulous grandstand view, took lots of superb photos – and enjoyed champagne in the sunshine. There was even an official tdf picture of the pair of them. My two cycling fanatics look incredibly happy here!

B12_0087 (2)

The Commonwealth Games starts next week…the sport seems to go on and on this summer! Meanwhile, Cambridge has plans to sell off all their TDF knitted mini jumper bunting for charity [details here]

tdf little jerseys

It is good to know that not only have many people had lots of fun, but others have been helped in the process.


  1. The sheep are brilliant! So glad they sold! Lucky Liz and Jon, lovely picture too! X

  2. I had a brief vision of live sheep in woolly jumpers leaping happily around the Yorkshire Dales...

  3. Well done to your friend Carole That was a fabulous amount to raise. The little jumpers would look nice on a teddy or a bottle of cold beer or wine. Lovely picture of Liz and her chap.


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