Sunday, 6 July 2014

Jesus Bids Us Shine…


…With a clear pure light

Like a little candle

Burning in the night

In this world is darkness

So we must shine

You in your small corner

And I in mine

Bob pointed out that we are halfway through the year and said I should photograph the candle

We have lit it every Sunday when we have been sitting at our Dining Table for lunch. It has been a reminder that we are here to Be The Light. It is burned about half way down – so should last us till Xmas.

This is just a thank you post to those of you out there who are also doing your bit to ‘be the light’. I cannot name everyone, and I do not know everyone’s stories, or all the details – but God knows the things you have done to bring a little of His light, grace and glory to the dark corners of our world where there is sin, want and sorrow. But I do want to mention just a few good blogfriends [I know they may squirm, but I don’t care, I shall thank them publicly anyway]

  • Kezzie, who has not just brought much joy to young people as she shared her musical gifts with them, but also has used her free time sitting with elderly, sick people, comforting them, and praying with them.
  • Morgan, who despite her husband’s serious illness, has kept the family going through her daughters’ exams, and still supported many activities at her church, with a resolute faith in God. And I say thank you too, to all the blogfriends who have joined in prayer for her and the family through these last few weeks.
  • Gaz, relatively new to blogland [congrats on 100 posts!] whose encouraging posts have helped lots of people, and whose unexpected text messages [“praying for you today”] arrive on my phone just at the right moment[I suspect others appreciate the warmth of Gaz too!]
  • Froogs, not just for her encouragement to young Mums struggling to work out meal plans when their budgets are already really stretched- but also for stopping to help a young woman with learning difficulties who needed help at an ATM
  • Lucy, honest about her limitations due to ill-health – but generously open in sharing her thoughts on her blog and through her writings, and Elizabethd – always wise, kind and generous and remembering the needs of others even though she has had family health problems in recent months
  • Floss, Mags, and Nearly Martha – whose posts make me smile [and sometimes laugh out loud] but freely acknowledge that they are not ‘perfect Mums’ or ‘perfect Christians’ – but they are in my book, jolly good people, and true friends, always willing to help and support others.

Oh I could go on and on – but I won’t. Thank you, all of you.

southend at night

One more thing. When I was very young, we often used to visit Southend-on-Sea. In the evening, my family would walk out to the end of the pier [over 1.3 miles long] and turn round and look at the sea front in the growing darkness. Gradually the lights would come on till the whole seafront was illuminated. My Dad told me that each individual light was important, but together they really made a difference. Let’s going on ‘being the light’ wherever we are. You in your small corner, and I in mine


  1. Like the idea of our individual "lights" being small but that together they might produce a beautiful brightness like that in your photo!

  2. Like small cogs in a big wheel! Making the world go around.
    Off into the garden shortly in preparation for tomorrow.

  3. I sang that song in Sunday school when I was very young. You are a sweet light, Angela!

  4. xx. Actually - thanks right back atcha.

  5. Thank you Ang, that's a lovely thing to have said about one.
    My mum used to sing that little hymn with me, it's very special.

  6. And you're a little shining beacon yourself too, Angela. Long may you shine! x


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