Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Coupon Queen

I had a sheaf of vouchers in my little wallet, and so when I did my SelfScan at Sainsbury’s I put them all through at payment time


I’d bought a few extra non perishable essentials [tissues, shampoo, toothpaste etc] to push up my total, and therefore qualify for a money-off voucher – altogether, I managed to save £6, and get about 500 bonus points and use a double Nectar voucher. However the bonus points voucher for buying pickle didn’t work. I’d got some beetroot [on my list] and it was from the ‘pickles’ section. ‘That’s daft’, said the assistant, ‘take it to Customer Services, they will add on your points.’ I finished my transaction, and the machine spat out my receipt plus a new voucher - £6 off a £40 spend. But it was only valid for a week, and there was no way I would be spending £40 in the next week. I turned to the older couple at the next machine, who were coming to the end of their transaction.

“Can you use this?” I said “I hate to see it go to waste” The lady was astonished “But it is for £6 off!” I agreed it was, but explained I would not be spending that much again this week, and she might as well use it and get the saving. She thanked me, and took it.

beetrootI went off to Customer Services and got my Beetroot Bonus points – which meant another receipt showing my new Nectar Points total – along with yet another voucher – double Nectar Points on fuel. Which was wonderful, as I was just on my way to buy petrol. Unexpected bonus #1

As I pushed my trolley out of the store, a voice said “Excuse me – you are the lady who gave me the voucher, aren’t you?” There was the couple again. “Look, I’m feeling bad about this, I must give you the £6 for it” I smiled and said “No – it’s a gift. I cannot use it, and I don’t want it wasted. God’s blessed me, let me bless you” This was clearly a very complicated concept for her “Well, can we at least share it- can I give you £3 for it?” “OK – but you really don’t need to” There was no putting her off, she got three shiny pound coins from her purse. “I have never seen a voucher for that much before, and nobody has ever given me a voucher either” she said. I thanked her, and took the money. Unexpected bonus #2

We pushed our trolleys to the car park together and talked about sunshine and holidays. I filled the tank with petrol, and drove home with a big grin on my face. Every little helps! says Tesco. Our values make us different! say Sainsbury’s Amen to both! say I


  1. How lovely!!! Great to share. yes, I fund their vouchers expire too quickly. x

  2. I always pass on my parking tickets, I have hung around for ages until someone came along who could use it. I don't like things to go to waste either.

  3. That made me smile. People are generally taken aback when you give them something. I give out free cloth shopping bags, and people want to offer me money for them. I say no thanks, it's a gift.

    I get more vouchers from Tesco than I can use. Struggle to do a £20 shop more than once every few weeks, so only get to use the first voucher for £3 off. The rest get binned.

  4. I am astonished that you took the money.

  5. I seem to take perverse pleasure in holding up a queue at a checkout while they scan my vouchers!
    I went into Tseco express last week when I had to go to the hospital and got 6 reduced items for a £2.50 voucher, then had 10p left to spend or lose, so the checkout guy went off to get me an 11p packet of haribo sweets. I went to get the extra penny out of my purse and he said no, people often can't be bothered with their 1p change or indeed stretch their arm to the charity collection box to put it in, so use one of these pennies to pay my 1p! He said at the end of his shift if he hasn't used up the change in similar ways, he then put it in the charity box. What a nice man, charitable in more than one way, bless him!

  6. Great Voucher Day! and what a lovely gesture - personally, I would rather the supermarkets took the money it must take them to design, print and issue these vouchers off the cost of our shopping.

  7. Its so nice to be able to pass on good fortune!

  8. I've given coupons to the person in the line up behind me...they look so shocked.
    Jane x


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