Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Icing On The Cake

cakewreck3I promise you that I am not  not going to spend the next eleven months wittering on about plans for The Wedding. But I do have to warn you that Steph, Liz and I have already started surfing the net for ideas. A friend has directed me towards CakeWrecks. This site is devoted to professionally made cakes which have gone disastrously wrong.


How can the happy couple’s dreams of a beautiful future come true if the groom forgets to put on his wedding trousers? [left] not to mention beautiful being smudged


Why did a classically styled cake arrive on the back of a large turtle? [below]



Mark is fond of skiing – but I would be worried if Steph chose a cake with strange green creatures crawling up the sides.[top picture]


And whoever makes the cake, we will ensure they understand exactly what words, if any, should appear on it. Surely somebody at the bakery would realise that

“I love you fovere always have alway s will in lime green frosting Please Thank you”

is not quite what was meant to be inscribed on the sponge!


This website is stomach-churningly awful [but also very funny in places] My heart aches for those poor brides whose day was ruined by a mis-spelt, mis-interpreted mistake of a cake.

My own wedding cake was made by the A level students at the school where I was teaching. They baked it, and iced it – and decorated it with peach-coloured roses [same colour as the bridesmaids dresses] It looked great and tasted wonderful – but the only problem we had was that they made it in mid-June – the wedding was late August – and so the royal icing had set rock hard! We almost needed a hammer drill to get it.

What sort of wedding cake did you have?


  1. Mine came from Selfridges a gift paid for by my aunt and was the usual fruit cake with white icing chosen from their catalogue. Can't say it tasted wonderful though and like yours the icing was rock hard but at least it didn't topple or slide to one side in any way!

  2. I didn't have a wedding cake!

    I worked at a wedding once where a guest fell into the very beautiful cake and sent it flying everywhere.

  3. Mine was made by my late Auntie Lillian, she laced it with brandy,fruit and nuts and hand mixed the marzipan, icing and even made her own apricot jam to adhere the marzipan to the cake before icing it, simply but beautifully made and absolutely delicious!
    Unfortunately, burglars broke into our house (kids from the nearby childrens' home!) and smashed what was left of the top layer, stomped on the bottom layer (which Auntie Lillian said was to be saved as the first Christening cake!), defaecated in bowls and wiped that and sauces and stuff all over the place. More than being saddened by this, I was so angry! But, it must have been a sign the marriage wasn't going to work, we divorced a few years later after a struggle to make it work.
    Blimey, I do go on don't I?
    Suffice to say, I do hope Steph and Marks' cake is beautiful, edible,tasty and makes them happy! xx

    1. There's no answer to that , except "Crumbs!!"

  4. My parents made my cake,a friend iced it. The wedding was delayed for over a year so my parents kept feeding the cake with brandy. After the wedding we traveled back home on the train with friends.We were carrying pieces of wedding cake for our navy friends who couldn't make it to the wedding,the train broke down,we all got hungry so ate the cake.
    Jane x

    1. I would have expected a Navy Cake to be fed with rum, Jane!

  5. We had a carrot cake, carrot cake being one of my favorite cakes of all (I have many). Because we had a small family wedding, we had a lot of leftover carrot cake, and I probably gained five pounds my first two weeks of married life!


    P.S. Can't wait to see what cake you all decide on! I'm very excited to follow you as you and Steph make wedding plans.

  6. For my first wedding my mum made our cake and decorated it with an iced grapevine pattern that her granddad taught her. He learnt the design when he spent some time in Germany. For my second wedding we bought a plain iced fruit cake from Asda and I decorated very simply and scattered sugar almonds around it.

  7. A nice old lady made our cake. It was sort of lavender/pink and tasted SO good! I loved it! It was my favorite wedding feature.

  8. I baked our wedding cake and my soon-to-be husband decorated it. We used sandpaper to get a good flat finish : ) We copied a picture we had seen in Woman's Weekly and it had frosted freesias on it to match the ones in my bouquet.

  9. My wonderful friend Hannah made our cake - three tiers, one of fruitcake, one chocolate and one vanilla sponge! Beautiful smooth icing with lots of tiny blue and white flowers scattered over it. After uni Hannah went on to start her own business making cakes (and supplying them to farm shops as well as selling to private customers & markets) and now is the shop manager at Macarons and More ( in Norwich. But I think my wedding cake was one of her first (she was still at college when she made it!).

  10. Well, you've seen mine so I don't need to say what they were!! We were lucky to have my mum to make one and then our favourite patisserie for the other one!x

  11. What wonderful news - congratulations to your daughter!

    Cake Wrecks is a howlingly funny site. I try not to visit too often because I inevitably get sucked into following the link-within posts, then start reading the comments, and before I know it an hour or more has gone by....

    Our wedding cake was chocolate, with white icing and deep pinkish-mauve flowers.

  12. It was awful, we felt so bad, but there was nothing we could do to save it.

    I couldn't possibly repeat what the bride had to say about it!

  13. Mine was traditional, fruit cake, white icing and decorated with peach and cream sugar roses; K and A's was anything but! It was a sponge cake ( 2 tiers) covered in the most delicious icing ( I'm not sure what it was as things got lost in translation!)Their cake topper was figures of them riding on the back of a turtle, with palm trees and their cat Bold sitting on the 'sand'. K made a replica cake for their at home reception, and I covered it in whipped cream.


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