Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Feeling Like A Teenager Again!

mccalls 3379No, I haven’t had a sudden burst of energy, or a facelift, played Simon and Garfunkel LPs, or spent the afternoon watching a young slim John Nettles playing Bergerac – no, I have just re-used a dress pattern for the fifth time! Back in 1974 I bought this McCall’s pattern for 45p. I made it long [blue and green] and short [lilac] and then in 1979 it was my used for my wedding dress in white satin.

I modified the sleeves, and the neckline – with and without the collar – I really got my money’s worth. Now I am repeating this…


This pattern looks like being equally worth the investment. So far I have converted my ‘Amish housewife dress’ into a cute little skirt, used the fabric from my neighbour Yvonne to make a yellow blouse and a Lilly Pulitzer retro tunic, and Kezzie’s sarong to make a blue cotton dress for Austria [I should mention that other delegates in Salzburg asked to photograph both these last two!]

IMG_1387IMG_1629IMG_1409.1kezzie dress


Now I’ve made another tunic- this time I turned the neck facing to the inside, and cut the armholes deeper and faced them. The fabric is a lovely cool drapey cotton, a gift from my friend Sandie. She said she thought I could do something with the red border print. It is a little ho-hum on the hanger, but Bob says I look “Very Mary Quant” when wearing it. [I wear it with leggings- I’m too old for a mini that short!]

mary quant

Mary Quant [now in her eighties!] was the designer of my youth, producing clothes which were inexpensive and practical [short, ‘so you could run for the bus more easily’ she once said] Confession – my shortest mini-skirt came in at just twelve inches long. I got told off for wearing it to a Christian Union meeting at Uni! I was [and still am] under five feet tall – it’s not as if I had legs as long as Twiggy’s

twiggy frocks

My new black border print tunic is one of my 52 Projects – I am determined that any dress fabric gifted to me will be turned promptly into something wearable. Thank you Sandie for your generosity

52 projects


  1. Like the black tunic with the red boarder. very chic (?)

  2. 1974 - that pattern is as old as me!!

  3. Jolly good!!! I like what you did with them! The material from Sandie is IDENTICAL to another sarong I have from Bali! X

  4. I'm so pleased you could do something with it!
    And Thank you and Bob for helping me get 'chicken world' home to roost!
    Your Hubby is a star! (he forgot to take the blue sausage plant home with him!).
    Rita made a banana loaf cake, wrapped it up well and put it over the back gate for when we got back, it went down well with a mug of tea.
    Take care xx

  5. I love the patterns from that era and still have a few.

  6. Desperately envious of your skill, but taking mental notes. Your clothes look amazing. WS xxx

  7. It does look very Mary Quant-like. Lovely.

    I wear all my short dresses with leggings too. xxx


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