Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Put It In The Pantry With Your Cupcakes…

52 projects

NO I haven’t forgotten about the 52 projects challenge – and I even managed to squeeze in an extra during May to compensate for my week away in June. But many tasks have not seemed blog-worthy.

Last week a school cancelled my booking – so I used the time to tidy my food cupboard. It was a mess [and I forgot to take a photo of the ‘before’] Now everything is neatly stacked and stored. There was only one discard – a jar of pickled silverskin onions, unopened, but two years out of date. They looked  odd, so I unscrewed the lid, and they smelt even odder. They went! Everything else was sorted, jars were wiped down, labelled, and lined up tidily – and things are much better now. IMG_2529

I also had a radical decimation of my storage boxes – unmatched lids and bottoms went, as did boxes with splits, or missing tabs. The Lock’n’lock does seem to be outperforming the cheaper equivalents. “Food cupboard” is a very uninteresting name – but I don’t have anything equivalent to these three

  • pantry  [from the Latin panis – bread – the bread store]
  • scullery [from the Latin scutella – platter – the bowl store]
  • larder [from the Latin lardum – bacon – the meat store]

My bread is in a stainless steel Brabantia breadbin, my plates and bowls are in various cupboards, and the meat in the fridge and freezer. I always thought a ‘buttery’ was some sort of store for dairy produce, but it seems that it comes from ‘butt’ – wine and liquor storage! I don’t have one of them either.

What do you call your food storage areas?


  1. The Still Room (well nothing moves unless I move it)



  2. The 'scullery' is what the we used to call the kitchen in Scotland when they weren't so posh, as in 'ben the scullery' i.e. through in the kitchen! I always number the tops and bottoms of the plastic tubs and containers with a black felt tip - saves a lot of angst when you're looking for the right lid/container! I must say, I bow to your 'cupboard love' - they are just so neat and tidy!Have a good week, Angela. x

  3. I call it the cupboard and there are only two small ones. Your tidying up looks spiffy, Ang!

  4. Unfortunately I have no fancy word for my food storage area, its just called a food cupboard. I wish my food cupboard was as tidy as yours. I did sort it out though on Friday and had items I know I will not eat so have bagged them to go to the food bank.

  5. Food cupboards over here too (and the snack cupboard for the bit above the fridge where all the junk is kept!x)

  6. Mine has a glass door with "Pantry" written on it, so I guess that's what it is!


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