Thursday, 31 July 2014

Showers of Blessing

The hot weather has meant I have appreciated the blessings of cool showers recently. But I did have a nasty shock the other morning. Stepping into the shower, sans spectacles, the world out of focus, I saw what appeared to be a reddish brown blood stain seeping through the ceiling. I think I watch too many crime dramas on TV


…it was simply a moth, resting on the cool tiles.

pscyho shower

The Psycho Shower Scene is rated as very scary – in fact when asked, many people remember “all that red blood” – although it is a black and white movie!

steamerOn my recent trip to London, I attacked Liz’s shower cubicle with my little handheld steamer. That attack was much more terrifying – but with sparkling results [and no blood anywhere!]

Enough of murder, here is one more shower mystery for you…our bath is currently off limits, because I am storing things in there.


This was Bob’s brilliant idea. Here’s a teaser photograph for you. But you are going to have to wait till my return from holiday to discover what is lurking behind the curtain.

And here’s a fun film clip about a girl and her shower! I just love South Pacific!!


  1. That's nothing, you should have seen the spider that was on my hall wall the other night! It's circumference would have fitted a saucer! Out came the empty pickle jar and a piece of folded paper, and it was soon flying out of the bedroom window! Not in the jar of course.
    Well, the teaser, plants being kept cool whilst you are away?

  2. I haven't watched Psycho in an age....or South Pacific. I feel a movie night coming on. X x

  3. I peeked behind the curtain! I think you are doing some of your beautiful arrangements for, maybe a wedding?

  4. I hate when I'm in the shower and I see something black. Because I can't see anything without my glasses, I always think it's a spider!


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