Friday, 11 July 2014

Extraction Fan

It’s out, and I am so glad of that! Despite my anxieties earlier, I can now fully recommend prompt extraction of painful wisdom teeth. The procedure went much more smoothly [and quickly] than I had expected.The consultant and his nurse were a great team, and had a wonderful comedy routine going which took my mind off things. The only hitch was at the start – the drill wasn’t working properly, and they went off to one side to get it sorted [I used those minutes for my Prayer Time] Soon all was humming away nicely and they resumed the operation.

The gum was very badly infected [hence all the recent pain] and when I saw the tooth afterwards it was Truly Horrid, with twisted roots and a rotten centre. Pain relief wore off around midday and I felt awful for a while. I dozed in front of the TV, and spent the rest of the day doing very little.

The dental nurse recommended mashed potato – so on the way home, Bob stopped at the chippy, and bought himself pie and chips, and a fishcake for me. He ate the crispy coating, and I enjoyed the soft fishy insides. Then some fancy dessert was cool and pleasant.

wisdom teeth

Bob’s been exceedingly patient and gentle with me [thankyou, Bob]Vishnal and Carolyn at Leicester Royal Infirmary – thankyou.  Finally, thank you, everybody who sent such kind wishes – I am recovering nicely. Eating, kissing and preaching all manageable now!


  1. Glad to hear all went well. Teeth can be very troublesome throughout life, can't they? Good to hear you are being looked after so well. Take care, Vee x
    PS Not sure if this will appear twice, the last comment disappeared without trace!

    1. Things were not right for part of yesterday either. The mysteries of the Internet!!

  2. You deserve a brave sticker.
    All the best.

  3. So glad it all went well - it's usually the anticiption and fear that is worse than the actuality isn't it? You'll soon be crunching your way through crispy foods!

  4. It's so fantastic when something like that is done with. Get well soon

  5. Oh, I'm so glad you're feeling better. I had two go arounds with wisdom teeth. One in college and then another as an adult before my braces were installed.

  6. So glad that it's out and you're feeling better!

  7. The closer pain is to our heads, the worse it is - thus tooth pain is about as bad as it can get! So glad yours has been dealt with.

    Happy kissing and ice-cream eating.


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