Sunday, 20 July 2014

De L’ombre A La Lumiere

itfr logoFrom the shadows to the light – this was the title of a superb little video clip I saw on Tuesday at our WWDP committee in London.

One of the grants we gave last year was to a charity called iteamsFrance. Our national WWDP gives away over a quarter of a million pounds every year to various causes – which is wonderful, and as the 2013 service was planned by the women of France, this was one charity we helped.


Matt and Manu, two enthusiastic twenty-somethings came to our meeting, and talked about how they went with a team to Nepal. They went up to the villages high in the Himalayas, where there is incredible poverty. They took the Light of the Gospel – and also solar panels, so each household could have electric light in the evenings. “These people have both spiritual, and material poverty” explained the guys, and spoke of how they were able to support these friendly families. As well as poor lighting, the people also suffer with chest illnesses., because they have open fires in their homes for warmth and cooking. Simple stoves, with chimneys to the outside are much healthier – so the team took these too.


This clearly wasn’t a jolly little jaunt – the trip involved travel on very treacherous roads, much hard work, and rough living. But these lads did this for the sake of the Saviour who had brought light into their lives. Thanks M&M for sharing this challenging story with us! [Oh, and thank you dear reader, if you follow WWDP on Facebook]


Sorry, I can’t seem to get the video to load – but you can watch it by clicking here [it is just 12 minutes long]

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  1. That's one I had never heard of.What wonderful work they do. I had a look at their website and was very impressed.


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