Thursday, 24 July 2014

Three Minute Thursdays–Or Not!

3-minutes [3]

I haven’t done any of these for a while – but I am feeling rather perverse this week, so I am going to post some tips which I think are ones which are WRONG and not good tips at all [feel free to disagree with me – they may work for you]

Steph started it all off- she said she was wearing a long necklace, and it reminded her of Julie Andrews in Thoroughly Modern Millie

TMM beads

And that reminded me of the evil Mrs Meers, who runs the hostel where these bright young things are staying. When caught out doing something wrong, she pretends to be cleaning a carpet stain by rubbing it with soy sauce. This ‘tip’ has disastrous results later on for an expensive Paris Gown

mrs meers soy sauce

Here are the tips I have seen recently which I consider pointlesscut flowers

1; Put a soluble aspirin in your flowers to keep them fresh Real Simple magazine debunked this one [here]– and anyway, most shop bought flowers have a sachet of food with them these days.

dishwasher cutlery

2. Save time by sorting out your cutlery when you put it INTO the dishwasher. No, no, no!!! All the manufacturers recommend that you mix it up for a more efficient wash – handles up and down, forks in with spoons etc. This prevents ‘nesting’ and ‘spooning’ so they will come out cleaner.


3. When you use perfume, never shake the bottle rub or rub your wrists together or you will damage the atoms and bruise the perfume. This is balderdash! It may evaporate faster if friction warms it up – but ‘damaged atoms’ – don’t be silly!

bin liner

4. Store your roll of new bin-liners in the bottom of the bin, then you will always know where they are. Well, yes, but you also run the risk of having to rinse and dry them all when some well meaning person punctures the bag currently in use, and soy sauce, chicken fat or old gravy escapes down the side! Keep your spares in a drawer or cupboard nearby.


5. A lemon and some bicarb makes an inexpensive air freshener spray to deal with cooking smells. Well, I priced this up – and it is the same price as a Basics Spray from the supermarket – but that can will last ages, the lemon spray will only be effective for a week or so. I accept some people do not like putting unknown chemicals into the air – but a candle on the kitchen windowsill also works, is cheaper, and prettier, and lasts longer. Do not believe Anthea Turner who once said on TV ‘the acid in the lemon masks some smells, whilst the alkali in the soda deals with the others’ – no dear, when you mix them, they will be neutralised.

Have you ever been given a tip which subsequently proved to be worthless? Please tell us, so we can avoid it too!


  1. I'm entirely with you when it comes to costing the homemade cleaning stuff. It amazes me how often the "experts" recommend some concoction which they compare cost-wise with the most expensive brands whereas the basics/value ranges save me far more money.

    1. I agree, I tried homemade concoctions and they cost way more than shop bought alternatives.

  2. I'm guilty of doing the dishwasher one because I think it will save me time when unloading. How wrong I am!!!

  3. I always rub my wrists when applying perfume, whoops

    1. So do I - it doesn't appear to make any difference, and I certainly haven't been aware of any nuclear fission disasters in the bathroom!

  4. Well, I didn't know any of those tips, so haven't tried them which now seems was the right thing to do or rather not do!

  5. Not really a tip but if I follow a recipe and make a cake it usually costs me way more than a shop bought one.


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