Friday, 25 July 2014

Eaten Crop


All my other friends are posting wonderful pictures of bowls of beans, tranches of tomatoes and gluts of gooseberries. So here you see the entire output of my attempts at vegetable gardening this year.

Two pathetic little beanpods. We are hoping for some figs later [altho even the fig tree is looking sparse, just four figlets thus far…]

Following the broken clutch cable [July 4th], on July 22nd, returning from a Fenland Funeral, my speedo cable went ping. It was a good job I had already booked my haircut, or I’d have cancelled it in a misplaced Fit Of Frugality. It is much cooler with it short at the back.



Yes that is my Kezzie-dress [story here]I get kind compliments every time I wear it – and the vintage buttons are a real talking point.

louise brooks

Kezzie says that with my hair short, I remind her of Louise Brooks. I was thinking more Liza Minelli, Cabaretcabaret_liza_minnelli

Then I read that LM’s dad Vincente advised her to model herself on LB when playing the role of a glamorous 1930’s dancing girl. Don’t panic, I am only going for the Eton Crop- I don’t plan on doing the whole bowler hat/black stockings/garters/heavy mascara thing!!


  1. Did your beans taste nice? I've had a lot of fat pea pods with the tiniest peas in them and my courgettes all appear to have male flowers (or the bees have not been visiting)
    Your new hair cut looks great. I've been wearing mine in a pony tail day and night.

  2. Oh , go on, be brave!
    Lovely haircut. I'm just going to have a whole inch taken off mine this morning!

  3. Oh I don't know I'm sure stockings & garters would look very fetching, bur probably not when you are teaching.
    We are doing well with out veggie growing, but not with our fruit, we have no apples, pears or plums, only 2 raspberries & 3 strawberries.

  4. Love the haircut, and the dress, Vee x

  5. It looks lovely!!! As does the dress (the bit we can see of it).

    I have had no success with my strawberries this year, the herbs are getting there but the rocket is pathetic!!! X

  6. Growing your own is all well and good - if it works ! I 'try' every year, but always have to battle with bugs and slugs !

  7. My friend shared a packet of Livingston Daisies with me and hers are rather scrawny but have flowers, and mine have the most luscious leaves imaginable and no flowers at all. Last year, both sets were identical. Such is life, I suppose. Your hair looks lovely, by the way. x


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