Friday, 18 July 2014

Give Me A Ring When You Are Home Safely!

Do you say that to your family when they leave you and start their journeys? My Mum even used to make sure I had a 2p coin for the call box at the end of the road when I was at Uni, so I could let her know I was back OK!! I seem to have been sending reassuring text messages to family members all over the place this week whilst I have been driving so many motorway miles [M1, M4, M25] and negotiating London traffic.

My Mum always asked “Have you got your tunnel money?” in the days when our Norfolk-Kent journeys involved going through the Dartford Tunnel [the Bridge opened a few months after her death] She was always concerned we were prepared for the trip, and was glad to know when our travels were safely over. I am just the same - it was lovely on Sunday evening to get texts from Liz and Jon asking if I’d reached their flat without problems.

photoSteph and Mark both travel a lot on business, but their last trip together was to Canada. This time “I’ll give you a ring when we are home safely” had a whole different meaning!

Knowing Steph’s fondness for ‘Tiffany blue’ Mark found some jewellers* in Hatton Garden who had a selection of aquamarine rings. This is the one they chose together.

And yes, they are her own nails. She maintains them beautifully! [*he researched Tiffany’s beforehand – they had no rings with stones in the right colour!] KM Church and Glenfield Hall booked for 20th June 2015. 337 days and counting…


  1. I always want to know my daughter is home safely as did my mother before me and yet isn't it silly as they could just as easily get run over by the proverbial bus as soon as they've ended the call! Pretty ring and what nails!

  2. How very pretty the ring is, such a lovely colour.

  3. How poignant your Blog Title is today, Angela, on a day when 295 poor souls won't be arriving anywhere safely, let alone home again. All the more reason for us all to embrace what and who we have in our little lives and to look forward to those events which make up our own personal happiness. Excited for you for a June Wedding. The Bride-to-be has Beautiful Hands and the ring is just stunning. Have a peaceful weekend. x

  4. The ring is beautiful. Love the colour of her nails.

  5. Lovely hand too, Steph could 'model' for rings and bracelets!
    Congratulations to the happy couple!
    Lol! you're so happy you put in 2015 instead of 2016!

  6. No Sandie, the wedding IS June 2015. Less than a year away...

  7. This made me smile a huge big grin. Congratulations to Steph and to you Mother of the bridge. Oh that ring is AMAZING

  8. Congratulations to them both - lovely ring and gorgeous nails too!!

  9. Lovely ring. My Mum is like the Peter Kay sketch. She used to say "Give me three rings to let me know you are home" and then pick it up after the first ring!

  10. Doh! Think I was lost in chest infection fever ! SORRY!
    They say gain a day gain a friend but, a year's worth lol!

  11. What a beautiful ring, and Steph's nails are amazing!


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