Monday 7 July 2014

Sit Down With A Book

books about townI am really looking forward to being in London next week, and looking out for the Book Benches. There are fifty of them all over the capital – you can find out more on the BAT website

bear book benchMore reports here and here – what a cool idea- and to my mind, a little more interesting than the decorated gorillas they had in Norwich last year!


  1. I hope you'll take lots of pictures! The Paddington bench is adorable.


  2. Oooh, what a cool idea!!! What a shame I am not in London next week (or at least at the moment! Why are you there?!?!!)x
    Are you seeing your auntie at all?!?!?x

  3. Two days of Women's World Day of prayer Committees, plus wedding planning with Steph - and feeding Liz's cat whilst she is away. Not sure if I shall be able to visit my aunt - but will try!

  4. My son took a pic of the War Horse Book Bench at Tower Bridge - it's amazing. Hope they're all well bolted down!


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