Thursday, 17 July 2014

Reasons To Be Cheerful


Thank you Floss for this one. I was sitting on a tube train on Tuesday afternoon at 3pm, after my committee, and noticed Bob had sent me a text message. I read “Gove is gone!” – and I just shouted “Hallelujah!” without thinking. Everyone looked at me. “Sorry – I have just had a message that Michael Gove is no longer in charge of Education, and this matters to me because I am a teacher” There were smiles and laughter all round the carriage. Not sure if the other travellers were sharing my joy, or pitying my apparent insanity.


  1. It'll be interesting to see what havoc he causes as chief whip!

  2. I sent a similar text to K. She replied with a message that her husband was preparing a party for when she arrived home from work!


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