Thursday, 3 July 2014

In The Pink–But I’m Flagging!

Whatever possessed me? Why don’t I just keep my mouth shut? I’m eating my salad [please note that- salad – working hard to get my 5+ a day here!] when a colleague starts talking about her Fundraiser for Breast Cancer and where can she get a load of pink bunting?  “When is it? I can make you some!” I say, without really considering the full import of my words.

Was I

  • thinking that I haven’t made any since last September, so need to make some more?
  • feeling that I need practice, just in case Steph’s Wedding is to be a heavily buntinged affair? [I suspect it may be]
  • deciding using up my pink fabric would help with the Great Stash Reduction campaign?
  • affected by a mild case of brain fever brought on by too much sun combined with wisdom-tooth-ache?
  • ignoring the incredibly busy month that is July, blithely imagining I can produce the six hours of free time needed for such a project from out of thin air?

IMG_2546Whatever it was, my friend jumped at the offer, and so I found myself up in the loft, sorting out a trug full of pink remnants.

Have I mentioned this acronym I learned the other week? “SABLE” = Stash Aquired Beyond Life Expectancy. I am determined not to reach that point! I will use it up.

IMG_2542I cut out about 100 triangles – 50 in pinks, and 50 from a remnant of Clothkits fabric. This is white with a pale pink/grey/green print. I never had the full length, just half the makings of a dress which someone gave me.

IMG_2544My original plan had been to make double sided flags, using the Clothkits print as the backing. But then I thought about it – this is for one 3 hour event, and is to go all round the garden. It would be more effective to make twice the length by alternating pink and white fabrics. By hemming with the overlocker, rather than neatly seaming two pairs of triangles together[like I did here] I did it!


I struggled a bit at first – I forgot to hang a carrier bag on the edge of the table to collect the bits, and the tension was all wrong [it is ages since I have overlocked anything] However there was a very helpful Bernina tutorial online, and I was soon sewing away happily. I decided to use up some random spools of pink and red overlocker thread to give an added prettiness to the edges of each triangle.


As I didn’t have any appropriate tape in the stash, I used 20 yards of old lace trim as the ‘string’ for the bunting. It gives everything a Cath Kidston sort of feel. I hope the event raises plenty of money for such a good cause – and that the weather is bright and sunny, with just the tiniest breeze to ruffle the sixty feet of bunting festooning my friend’s garden.


  1. In answer t your first were just being your usual lovely helpful self.

  2. Gulp! As a reply to the list of 'Was I?' All of the above lol!
    Like the lace on the top, nice touch.
    Your colleague should be very proud to have that bunting.
    Well done!
    Will this go on your 52 plan?

  3. I agree with Elizabeth, you are just LIKE THAT! So nice! So helpful!
    I have made yards and yards of bunting with scrapbook paper. You are so nice to use your stash.

  4. You are the 'go to' gal!
    Jane x

  5. Very pretty! I have to say I've been trying to say "no" or "let me get back to you" when volunteer requests come my way, but I haven't been very successful as of yet!


  6. You are so clever at just whipping up something quickly. I hope the event goes well and raises lots of money and everyone comments on the beautiful bunting.
    You could set up your own bunting factory! - or maybe not.

  7. The bunting looks lovely. Hopefully it will get used again next year.

  8. It's lovely. Hopefully they will have good weather with the gentle breeze that will show it off to its best!
    I made 50 feet of double sided bunting for K's wedding last year. She'd chosen vintage fabrics, and some of them were the slipperiest things I had ever worked with, but it looked amazing strung beween the palm trees.


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