Saturday, 2 April 2011

Back On The Bike

The bike has been taxed again – so this morning we rode into Leicester for the bank etc. It was great to be on the pillion again! Lots to see in the City.  Lots going on – the Emanu-El Apostolic Gospel Academy Choir [who visited KMFC last year] were singing by the Clocktower in amazing robes.They were SO joyful and sounded really good. A large crowd was gathering to listen


lush potOutside Lush, they were giving free hand massages for Mothers’ Day, and selling little pots of hand lotion for charity. I got one [only £1] but intend to pass it on as part of my Lent Giving.


By Button Boutique, there was an art bus, raising awareness for the British Heart Foundation [sponsored by the Frog and Mouse Picture Company nearby]


Lots of modern art inside, all with a ‘heart’ theme. I’m not that keen on modern stuff, but liked this cardiac-alphabet, printed over a heart motif of Swizzles Love Heart Sweets!


They also had ‘hearty’ cupcakes [we resisted]


IMG_2805Our final stop was the Christian Resources Bookshop, recently relocated to the St Martin’s Centre next to the Cathedral. They have a wonderful stained glass window of St Martin [originally sited in Germany, I believe, as part of the Leicester Regiment Garrison church, but now back in the UK.

It was a lovely ride, and we did enjoy ourselves. Tonight Bob is out at the newly opened Leicester Speedway with the Men's Group. No doubt they are all having lots of fun together.

I’ve enjoyed a quiet evening in, just pottering about, and listening to the radio, and reading blogs.


  1. How could you resist those cupcakes!

  2. we must meet up on the bikes.

  3. Hi Angela,
    Thank you for suggesting using the search tool to find all of your older sewing club posts, some of them look very promising and I will pass some ideas onto the young womens group's leader.

    Thanks again

    Aurora x

  4. I'd have eaten one of the cupcakes!


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