Sunday, 24 April 2011

A Tale Of Two Helens


A quick post on a busy Easter Sunday. Firstly, the final Lenten Giveaway [Cardmaking Goodies] – I put the names in the Easter bonnet, and asked Steph to retrieve one…[thanks, daughter!]


..and the winner is


Well done Helen! I’ll try and post these promptly so you have something to keep you occupied next weekend when your other half is away! [H is another minister's spouse, and I know her OH will be joining us in Blackpool at the Baptist assembly next Friday]

[btw, don’t you think Steph’s hands are amazing? Why can’t I manage to maintain such beautifully manicured nails?]

The other Helen I need to mention today is my friend mentioned yesterday morning. Believe it or not, she is home again, and making great progress. For someone in her late eighties, who has just had brain surgery, this is wonderful news. She insists on telling everyone that it is all God’s doing, and that she is grateful for the hundreds of people who are praying for her. We all rejoiced in church this morning when Bob shared the news with the congregation.

Thank you everyone, who sent good wishes for her via the blog.

No time for any more blogging now- it is an even busier Sunday than usual.

Easter Joys and Blessings to everyone – and if you entered the giveaways and didn’t win, don’t worry, there will be more, I am sure!


  1. O happy me!
    what a day...Easter day, baptismal service including an extra impromptu one and now this!
    Thank you!


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