Saturday, 9 April 2011

Steve Jobs Missed Out On This One!

I thought it might be another April Fool when I saw this advertised in my last Real Simple Magazine. But no, it is genuine, you can now buy yourself the


I kid you not, friends, here it is…


Read the amazing blurb

Wacoal’s iPant offers superior comfort and smoothing along with amazing cosmetic benefits.
The iPant is constructed of Novarel Slim® nylon microfibers with embedded microcapsules containing caffeine to promote fat destruction; vitamin E to prevent the effects of aging; ceramides to restore and maintain the skin’s smoothness; and retinol and aloe vera to moisturize and increase the firmness of the skin.
The iPant with LYCRA® beauty fabric shapes and sculpts as it releases ingredients into your skin while you move throughout the day.

And the catch…

It is recommended to wear the iPant 8 hours a day, 7 days a week for 28 days. Novarel Slim® test results show most women reported improved appearance, a reduction in thigh measurement and that their clothes felt less tight.

I am not clear about one or two issues…

  1. At the end of the 8 hours, presumably you have to squirm out of the garment and wash it so it is fresh for the next day?
  2. It looks very close-fitting – so presumably you have to allow quite a bit of extra time for “bathroom visits” – to get out of it, then to get it all smooth and comfortable again afterwards?
  3. Did their clothes feel less tight after the experience, or whilst they were wearing it? if the latter, I am not surprised [I have clothes which fit my body as it is now, not as it will be when compressed into Lycra – when obviously there would be more room!]
  4. The manufacturers say the active ingredients are still present after 100 washes. But you would have to wash it daily – so at the end of three months, is the garment useless?
  5. It has to be hand washed and hung out to dry – if that doesn’t work overnight, do you need to buy two of them?
  6. Why do they always show these garments on slim models to start with? I guess flabby thighs and muffin tops aren’t desirable on the photographs!

I admit that my tum and thighs could do with a bit lot of firming and toning. But I certainly do not intend to spend $60 [plus shipping] to get myself a pair of these!

I don’t expect to find a pair among my birthday presents tomorrow either- in fact I think I would be a little offended if I did. My techie family are welcome to their iPhones, iPods etc – but iPants? – I think not!!




  1. I really dont like the sound of those microcapsules....embedded?

    Bonne anniversaire of tomorrow, have a very happy day!

  2. "most women reported improved appearance, a reduction in thigh measurement and that their clothes felt less tight."

    But they lost all their friends due to their BO issues and their husbands ran away with happy, large ladies who didn't take an hour and a half to go spend a penny; coming back blue in the face, cursing their tight knickers!


  3. Oh my goodness - now I think I've heard it all! All those wonderful ingredients to make you oh so 'micro - gorgeous'? I'm with you - no sir!

  4. Me neither! I think a garment like that would give me severe stomach ache as well as a pain in my wallet. Enjoy your birthday tomorrow and many happy returns.

  5. So, wrapping myself in duct tape, pouring a cup of coffee, some vegetable oil, and sunburn lotion all over my nether regions won't have the same effect? Ooops!
    Jane x

  6. I feel itchy.

    I think since it's 10:30 in the evening where I am, it must be your birthday where you are--so happy birthday! I hope it's wonderful year filled with love and good friends!


  7. thanks for the comments - and the birthday wishes. It is Sunday -so no post through the letterbox, but lots in my computer in-box, which is fun!

    Havign a lovely day thus to church now to celebrate God's goodness


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