Saturday, 23 April 2011

An Easter Garden

Earlier this week, we visited Frank and Barbara [Bob’s brother and wife] and had lunch in their stunning garden.


The borders and the tree blossom were lovely.


I adore tulips. Saffy the cat was on the prowl.

Isn’t the lemon tree fantastic? [Ice and a slice with that, sir?]



The two brothers get more and more alike in appearance as they get older [apart from the beard, that is]


After lunch, we shot up the M1 to Nottingham – here

qmc nottingham

Our dear friend Helen had emergency brain surgery on Monday night. Less than 48 hours later, it was great to see her sitting up in bed, chatting away as normal. I was very impressed with the atmosphere in her Ward, and the friendliness of the QMC staff. Reading blogs like “The Simple Wife” and realising how much others pay for medical care makes me truly grateful for the [often maligned] NHS.


  1. Happy Easter Angela, Prayers for your friend--cottonreel

  2. Glad to hear Helen is doing well. The QMC is an amazing place and the brain surgery unit one of the very best. We should, indeed count ourselves very blessed to have the NHS.

  3. Easter Greetings from Normandy, Angela.
    Glad to hear that your friend is recovering well, thank goodness for the good ole' NHS.

  4. I hope your Easter will be happy and blessed, and that your friend will feel really well soon. We hear wonderful things about the emergency side of NHS.

  5. How lovely that you were able to visit your friend. I'm sure it did wonders for her! What a gorgeous garden.
    Jane x


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