Tuesday, 19 April 2011

He Works So Hard!

We are back from our brief trip to heaven Cornerstones. I spent most of the time sneezing, and trying to do things with a head full of cotton wool. Bob, on the other hand, worked like mad.

He cut the grass – front, back and side

He painted the side of the garage [thoughtfully wearing his overalls, so as not to spoil the tee-shirt Steph gave him at Christmas!] That corner now looks so much cleaner and brighter.


And he pressure-washed the patio


And cleaned all the guttering [this is supposed to show the contrast with next door – but it is not a good picture]


And he pressure washed the decking


After that, he re-finished the decking with new varnish. It looks fabulous [but stupidly, I omitted to photograph it!]

Oh and he hung up the new clock [Steph’s gift], and a picture [from Liz a couple of years back] and more besides…

What did I do? Well, I decided I would just shorten the new dining room curtains - which I got for a song in the Arthritis Research Campaign Charity Shop last year. I am not posting a picture, because I made a total mess of them! One curtain hangs straight, the other is very sloping – memo to self –do not attempt hems when feeling woozy!  Fortunately I did cut both curtains long enough, so will re-do them when I feel better. I had a wide strip left over from both which I have used to make a matching table runner. That looks OK – I put it out last night when Christine, plus Adrian, Marion and Lucy came round for a meal. We had good fun, swapped birthday gifts [M&I share April 10th] and played a riotous game of Pictionary.


After a somewhat disturbed night [I kept sneezing, so in the end decamped to the lounge in order not to disturb Bob,or Sidney our adjoining neighbour] we got up, cleared up, packed the car and got ready to leave. Some way down the A47, I remembered the loaf I’d forgotten about, in the bread bin. Frantic text to Chris [please retrieve it, and eat it!]

We stopped for lunch at Chill Out, on the A47 between Guyhirn and Thorney Toll. This family run eatery is really good. Decent home cooked food, reasonable prices, and wide selection from a pot of tea and a cake, through to a huge 3 course meal. The Chillingworth clan are all very friendly, and it is not the first time we’ve stopped there [thanks to friend Sam, for telling us about it]


It is about halfway between Leicester and Norfolk [they get loads of Leicester people, they tell me] and I would recommend it to anyone! Lovely food, plenty of choice, fair prices, good car park, decent toilets…it ticks all the boxes.

And so we were back here early afternoon, and Bob settled straight back into preparation for all the special services this coming week. I am still going slowly – but beginning to feel better [thanks for all the kind get-well wishes]

As usual, it was great to go away, but good to be back.


  1. Poor you, such a shame to have your little holiday spoiled with a beastly cold. Take care now.

  2. So glad that you felt better enough to enjoy your time away.
    Jane x


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