Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Don’t Put Your All Eggs In One Basket!

A busy day in school, with an Easter focus – including our special Easter Assembly, and all afternoon, I did crafts with year 4. The class made Easter cards and Easter baskets. On Friday they will take the baskets home – with a small chocolate egg inside [thank you Aldi!] Here is a collage of pictures of their efforts…

easter cards, baskets 2011

The little baskets were incredibly easy – you can make two from one sheet of A4 photocopy card. I modified this idea

To get the ‘straw’ to go inside the baskets and make a nest for the egg, I shredded some paper in an office strip-shredder, and they scrunched up half a dozen strips.


To make the cards, the children wove a piece of A6 sized paper with coloured strips of paper – then stuck it inside a folded A4 sheet from which they had cut an egg shaped aperture.

I’d printed off lots of ‘Happy Easter’ greetings for them to stick outside and inside their cards.


These two activities worked really well with a huge class of 8 year olds – and we all enjoyed ourselves.

Oh, and before I forget, thank you everyone for your kind birthday wishes!


  1. Fab-u-lous as people seem to say nowadays.

    Fortunate children to have someone patient to do this craft with them.

  2. Aw.....brings back lots of happy memories from me at primary school. We always made those little baskets at Easter.

    That was far too many years ago!!

    Sue xx


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