Saturday, 30 April 2011

Beside The Seaside

Well, here we are at the Norbreck Hotel in Blackpool


I will say very little about this strange edifice, other than Alex the Hotel Inspector has not visited yet!

We had a brilliant journey up on the bike. I wore ear-buds, and listened to Ed Stourton on Radio 4, doing an excellent commentary on the wedding.

I even sang along to the hymns inside my crash helmet! Once here [and having acquired extra shower gel – one tiny bottle will not be enough for two of us!] and suitably refreshed, we went downstairs and met lots of friends – old and new.

The first session we attended was Prism, which is a sort of interactive alternative to the Main Session [Bob and I had been asked to go to this one, and be on the Prayer Support Team] I made a poster to sum up my meditations for the evening.


After that was the After Hours Session. The Norbreck promises ‘Entertainment Every Night’



What did we get?



Baptist Ministers in wigs and shorts!!

Seriously though, we are having a good time, and I shall post a more coherent blogpost later. I am typing this in a busy corridor with people stopping every 2 minutes to say Hi! There is no Internet access except in public areas [I will write next post in my room then just come downstairs to post it]

Bob has just informed me that he was asked if it was true I’d been coming to these annual beanfeasts for about 40 years – and if so, could I please go to the Office at 10.15, when the guy from Local Radio will interview me. They think it will add ‘colour’ to the piece. At least I have a stunning figure and lovely face for radio. Nobody has mentioned a performance fee!

Off to Morning Session…


  1. Hotel sounds, um, interesting!
    I continue to pray for your refreshment (spiritual) and for your involvement.

  2. You have such a happy attitude. I'm sure that will show in the interview!

  3. Oh Christian conferences! You could do TV!


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