Thursday, 21 April 2011

I DO Like This One!

i do tea towel

I have resisted the urge to buy any Royal Wedding Souvenirs – but I thought this teatowel was one of the better items on offer [available here] It is a clever design, and I like the colours. I’d have to frame it though [and hang it near my Heal’s one] – I could never bring myself to dry up with it!

But I confess that I find most of the mugs, teatowels and other stuff utterly dire. Have you succumbed? and what have you purchased? [or are you a Republican, and avoiding the whole thing completely?]


  1. That's one smart tea towel - very tasteful and suitably understated.

    I haven't bought anything not because I'm a republican but becuase I haven't seen anything I actually want to own. That and my home is already over filled with stuff anyway!

  2. I havent got anything but going back 30 years, my mom still has something with Charles and Diana. It is a hinged tin that was Milk Tray with their pictures on the front. She uses it to keep cards in even now.

  3. We have no such things here in rural Ontario,if there were I still wouldn't buy any.
    Jane x

  4. You see, here in the strange and chequered North you have to ask why you're parading flags in church, singing the National Anthem in church, celebrating a Royal Wedding- is it because you genuinely and in interest want to, or is it yet another expression of being different from the "other side", another chance to PARADE your perceived identity and wave it in someone's face? It's a tricky one, Ang!

  5. Oh my... I just pray that that special young couple has a lovely life together - it must be so hard being in the spotlight all the time.
    Happy Easter dear Angela!
    PS The towel is lovely!

  6. I can't help feeling that the millions and millions of £s being spent on the security bills, horses, military uniforms etc (I know the families are paying for the flowers ) would more appropriately be given to help the impoverished people of Haiti, the Ivory Coast or many other parts of this suffering World. As potential heir to the Supreme Governship of the C of E , that would be a really good Christian act for William and the newly confirmed Kate to be assosciated with although I guess they don't really have very much say in the matter.

  7. I've been studing some of the commemorative pieces with one of my French trainees - she's bemused by the whole idea of royal memorabilia. We had a bit of a giggle today looking at the various things on offer but we didn't see anything as nice as that teatowel.

  8. Thanks for all the comments.
    Annie - I was pleased to see that Kate and William asked for charitable gifts in lieu of presents [] and I hope ther guests are generous.

  9. I agree, the teatowel is probably one of the more tasteful items. Thankfully we are not bombarded here with such offerings and I have never bought any similar memorabilia in the past. Nevertheless, I for one will be glued to the television on Friday and wish the couple every happiness.


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