Wednesday, 13 April 2011

A Bridge Too Far…

After a fairly intense day in school, I came home to find Bob had a got a treat for me: Whilst in Leicester to visit the Bank [more hassles with another ‘Bob, not Robert’ cheque!] he visited the Continental Market. And picked up a French Tart!


As I walked in the front door, I could smell fresh coffee. Brandishing a knife Bob enquired “How much tart would you like?” “Sixty Degrees” I replied [I’ve been working on ‘acute angles’ with a pupil this afternoon]

The gateau was a rich sponge with a creamy, fruity topping. And as I popped a piece in my mouth, I was aware of hard bits too.

Ooops! the metal bridge which holds the two fake molars had broken and come away in my mouth.

I retrieved and cleaned the bits and dashed round to our friendly and helpful dental surgery. I have had this bridge for well over ten years. It could be soldered, but we are not convinced such a repair would hold for very long. So it looks like I may be getting a new one. Sometime. The dentist suggested that I may want to take time and consider what I want to do. A repair will cost around £50 – but a new bridge will be more than ten times that!

corsodyl woman

Fortunately, the gap in my mouth is at the bottom, to the side – so not quite as obvious as the Corsodyl Woman* [why is she walking naked through a cornfield in the ad? Has she lost her marbles as well as her tooth?] I am going to see how I cope ‘unabridged’ for a while.

dentists chair

At least, if I do decide to ‘splash the cash’ this is one dental procedure which should not involve much drilling or injections!

[* she was clearly careless about her teeth – my bridge filled a gap which was there because two of my baby teeth lasted till my late thirties, but when they finally came out, there were no adult teeth in the gum to replace them]

tooth fairy

The dentist returned the two bits of the bridge to me. Do you think if I put them under my pillow tonight, the Tooth Fairy will leave me the money for a new bridge?

Years ago, my own children occasionally woke up to find IOU’s in tiny handwriting like this…

“Sorry, I have run out of change – wait till tomorrow. IOU. Love the Tooth Fairy ”


  1. Never thought of the tooth fairy doing that! I am sorry you have broken such an important bit of you, hopefully it was nothing in the French tart that you bit on?

  2. A man of the cloth bringing home a French tart, and the tooth fairy leaving I.O.U.s!
    What is the world coming to?
    Jane x
    P.S Break the bank and get a new bridge. You will spend too much time worrying about the fix breaking again.

  3. that tarte better have been very good to make up for that!

  4. Oh what a real bummer! Still I guess the French tart was really delicious anyway - and what the heck if you have to chew on one side only? I'm being facetious of course - do hope it works out OK for you - having had to wear 'falsies' since forever (pregnancy robbed my teeth of calcium and they broke off) - I've had to have several replacements over the years and that's no fun either. Blessings!

  5. I'm sorry about the broken bits, but loved hearing about the tart! I need a bridge, too, or else a false tooth embedded. Sometime I may email you and ask how you like having a bridge. Don't like the embedding idea much!


  6. They should have had fabulous little purses to put under their pillows- money not even needed with the thrill of that! Though it is provided just the same!


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