Monday, 11 April 2011

HOW Much????

There was an article in the Telegraph today about children’s dresses. The sort of simple little cotton frocks I used to make for my kids twenty five years ago.

i love bread and jam dresses

Now they are very sweet – but there is nothing much to them, and hardly any fabric involved.

How then can they justify charging around £32-£35 for them?

And who is buying them at that price?

i love bread and jam dress

Just occasionally I wish that the Internet and blogging had been around in the eighties.

Perhaps I could have been a real Yummy Mummy then and had a proper online business churning out these garments.

Oh hang on, I was sewing them, for my kids, my friends’ kids…except we were all hard up, and used random remnants and we didn’t intend to make money, just help each other out – swapping frocks for cakes, and homemade jam, and rhubarb from the garden…

Yesterday’s birthday has brought on middle-aged nostalgia


  1. I don't spend that much on my own clothes! I'm guessing your birthday celebrations didn't cost that much either! Hope it was a good one anyway!
    Jane x

  2. Son agree! Keep reading all these "green" catalogues - all so blooming expensive. Do we have to be high wage earners to be "GREEN" I think the answer is yes!

  3. I have made most of my own clothes since I was a teenager and always enjoyed it until quite obviously the paper patterns no longer fit (or, should I say my shape changed dramatically!). I well remember making all my daughter's clothes from her very first 'proper' coat and I am now just about to complete a dress for my granddaughter. No way would I pay such ridiculous prices as charged these days, but having said that, where are all the pretty fabrics now?


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