Friday, 8 April 2011

Ruffles And Flourishes*

Another amazing week of creativity. At Sewing Club, Hannah finally finished that skirt which she started last Easter. It looks great – and she has worked incredibly hard to stitch all those ruffles neatly in place.


The rest of us made little ‘pennie pockets’ to hold Creme Eggs


Earlier in the week, at our Connexion group, Janet taught us the art of quilling and we decorated polystyrene eggs.



You start with an egg, strips of paper, and a quilling tool.

Janet had thoughtfully prepared IMG_2820little bundles of paper. We made a central coil, then some ‘tear-drop’shaped petals, and finally almond shaped leaves.

And soon we all had pretty eggs with flowers on top


Then we made Easter chick baskets


“*Ruffles And Flourishes” are preceding fanfare for ceremonial music for distinguished people [like POTUS – who gets 4 R&F before they launch into ‘Hail To The Chief’] Ruffles are played on drums and flourishes on bugles.

Here they are…

Hail to the Chief

He's the one we all say hail to.

We all say Hail

Cause he keeps himself so clean.

He's got the power

That's why he's in the shower

[sorry, PomPom and Frances, I do not know the proper words, only the ones sung in the film ‘Dave’!]


  1. Isn't quilling clever? I've never tried it but always thought how pretty it looked. Your eggs are super.

  2. Ha ha ha! I thought I recognized the Dave "Hail to the Chief"! That's the only one I know as well! LOVE that movie!
    Such pretty creations here, Angela!

  3. What a very sweet ruffled skirt - an so trendy at present especially amongst the younger set! Love all the little crafty Easter bits too - you certainly have been busy! Blessings!


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