Friday, 1 April 2011

Texans At Breakfast

This morning we were up unbelievably early, as we were hosting a breakfast meeting at Church. A group of Texan pastors have been over in the East Midlands this week, and Dianne, our Regional Minister, has asked if we could provide a venue for a meeting with British pastors to talk about shared mission opportunities.


I decided to try and make the Americans feel especially welcome, so wore the stars’n’stripes waistcoat my friend Ann gave me last year.

[Why do I always seem to be looking anxious when Bob takes my photograph?]

Our chairs are blue, so we covered the tables with red and white.

I put paper napkin rings on the serviettes –Martha Stewart would be proud of me!


And everyone seemed to enjoy themselves



We had about two dozen guests – and all went well. Special thanks to our great friend David from Desford, who stopped behind afterwards to help us do all the washing up!

ihopWe didn’t have American food though – just Danish Pastries, French Croissants and British Hot Cross Buns! When I visited the States, my favourite breakfast was in IHOP [International House Of Pancakes] One day they will open one of those near here [and then I may be in danger of becoming as big as a house!]


  1. Wow! Danish pastries - I LOVE the ones with custard in - but avoid now due to my diet!
    A great american theme!

  2. I hope you had fun with the Texans--they're such friendly folks!

    Love your vest!


  3. You're so nice! When you come to visit me (please do!) I'll take you to IHOP!

  4. Well done; looks fantastic!

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