Saturday, 16 April 2011

Having A Duvet Day

Woke up with sore throat, runny nose, cotton wool head, and all the symptoms of a cold. Term is over, and there was no requirement to get up and go to work. Felt like I wanted to do this…

duvet day

But the sun was shining brightly, and the single duvet from the spare room needed laundering -  so I got up and got on with it. We had a lovely breakfast of brioche, orange juice and coffee as we sat at the table in the garden, whilst the washing machine did its job very effectively

duvet wash

Lots of teaching and a busy weekend meant there was rather a backlog of laundry I am afraid. But the sunshine means it is all drying happily outside now

washing line

I have been to the Post Office and sent off four different parcels to friends, and made a sensible list of tasks to be undertaken now term has ended.

I am determined not to give in to my cold! Today is a cleaning and tidying day. I felt ridiculously pleased to get this text from my daughter asking about a laundry problem. In emergencies, call your Mother!

“Help! How do I get Mac and Cheese stain out of my new coat? I have washed it but it is still there!”


This is a protein based stain, so should be treated with cool or warm water NOT hot, which will set it.

Rinse well in cool water.

Blot with a solution of vinegar:water [dilute in ratio 1:2]

Rinse well in cool water.

Massage gently with either dishwashing liquid [not one containing bleach!] or hair shampoo

Rinse well in cool water.

Launder as usual in low temperature wash.

If this does not work, repeat again.

Finally, if all that fails, ask your mother to post her phial of this…

stain devil

It is very good – it costs around £3 a bottle.

But I hardy ever have need of this, so I might as well give her a few millilitres!

But I have two remaining questions

1- why didn’t she text me straightaway? [I suspect her initial wash may have been a bit hot]

2- under what circumstances does someone eat Mac’n’Cheese whilst wearing their new coat?


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  1. may be a big mac and cheese? whilst out? p.s sorry you're feeling poorly and get well soon, froogs xx

  2. So sorry you are feeling under the weather. Take a bit of time to recover.

  3. I once had a phone call from Malawi asking: Mum, how do I make chocolate cake?

    I love it when we are still needed now that they have all grown up and gone to live in their own homes. Even if it is for the mundane little things like removing stains.

    Get well soon!

  4. I hope you are feeling better Angela? xx

  5. At work, eating lunch, on park bench.
    Stupid mac & cheese!


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