Friday, 15 April 2011

That Sinking Feeling!

Today marks the 99th anniversary of the loss of RMS Titanic titanic

I’ve always been fascinated by this ship. It sailed on April 10th =- my birthday – and  my grandfather’s cousin was a passenger- and survived, despite being only ‘steerage’ class.

To mark the centenary next year, ITV has announced it is launching a Titanic drama, in 4 episodes, being written by Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes. It will star Linus Roache [from ‘Law and Order’ and son of Corrie legend Bill Roache ] plus Peep Show’s Sophie Winkleman and the brilliant Celia Imrie.


linus roache

sophie winkleman

celia imrie

Producer, Nigel Stafford Clark said: “We will tell the story in a way that is bold, fresh and gripping.” and promises a wider focus than James Cameron’s 1997 romantic drama.


Cameron’s Titanic came out in Britain in the month that my Dad died [he’d been as fascinated as I was] but I still went to see the film with Liz and Steph. Poor girls- they had to endure their mother weeping silently through the film, occasionally sobbing [rather too loudly] “They’ve got that bit wrong!”

julian fellowes

Let us hope Mr Fellowes gets his details right!


  1. I never realised he was ken's son. Awaiting this with anticipation.

  2. Amazing that anyone in steerage survived, as it seems that many of the gates were locked, with no access to the upper floors.
    What a tragedy it all was.

  3. When I was a child, we had a housekeeper for a little while after my mother had been very ill. The housekeeper's uncle and aunt had been booked to travel on the Titanic but he had gone down with a very bad bout of flu and they were unable to go.....

  4. I still have managed never to see the movie "The Titanic"! I have no idea why.

    Bit of American history for you--today is also the anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's assassination. April 15th is certainly an auspicious day!


  5. I remember that - in fact, we all started crying before the film had even started, due to the Martin Luther King related advert!

  6. Sounds like a great series. Hope it comes 'down under'. Blessings!

  7. Oh, I look forward to seeing it! I love Downton Abbey.
    Kids in America seem fascinated with the Titanic. I wish I would have read your blog this morning so I could have reminded them about it.


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