Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Five-A-Day, I’m Lovin’ It

When the weather is warm and sunny, it is so much easier to eat fruit and veg, and I really enjoy salads [I’m trying to be abstemious with the rich dressings though]

Vetumnus was the god of fruit and veg in mythology, and Arcimboldo did this intriguing painting around five hundred years ago

vertumnus arcimboldo



Sadly I see many families around me whose diet is defined more by Ronald McDonald than by Bob Flowerdew**.

Andy Council has produced this contemporary Vertumnus.

vertumnus andy council

It is quite alarming how little greenstuff there is in the fast food world!




**You just have to love a gardener with a name like Flowerdew – especially when he lives in Norfolk and his first name is Bob!


  1. French Macdo' (as they call it) has a LOT of green stuff, both savoury and sweet, on offer. I'm not saying that people HAVE to eat it, but it's all available and I see it being eaten by children and adults when we go there. I'm interested that this may be exclusive to France!

  2. Floss, I think you may be right - in France there is more green stuff on offer in 'Macdo' than here. I wonder too if French children generally grow up with a more positive attitude to veg?

  3. I've always thought Mr Flowerdew is the perfect name for a gardener too.
    BTW, I am I the only one who goes to McDo's for the coffee? I'm lovin' it!

  4. I'm vegan...guess which my favourite painting is! The modern meaty version made me feel quite ill to be honest.
    Jane x

  5. Sometimes I think we need to discover more vegetables. At the grocery store, the choices seem so "same old" and broccoli makes my joints hurt. I agree with you about the dressings! It doesn't take too long to get used to the lighter offerings. I love that painting!


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