Wednesday, 27 April 2011

It’s A Wrap!

Some of my cookbooks are beginning to look a little grubby. Years ago, I always covered cookbooks with stick on transparent Fablon [sticky-back-plastic as they called it on Blue Peter] but I stopped doing that in about 1995.

Three of my later acquisitions, the ones I am currently using a lot, needed some sort of protection. Floss mentioned covering hers in oilcloth – so I took the books…

jamie 30

bake rachel allen


and covered them with some pretty cloth from The Range


There’s only one problem…



Which one is which?

They’re all the same size, so I need to make some sort of identifying labels for the spines.

But at least they are wipe clean now.

I had half a metre of this plastic coated fabric, and it cost less than 35p per book to make the covers. Like Floss, I really enjoyed this speedy little DIY project, and they do look so pretty on the shelf.


pebbles pvc

The Range has a great…errr…range…of fabrics like this. There is one fabric with a pattern of pebbles – maybe I should cover the two cookbooks which live at Cornerstones with that design?

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  1. What a good idea, and very attractive. But you will need labels, both on the spine and on the front!


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