Monday, 4 April 2011

Please Don’t Beat The Donkeys!

IMG_2814One of the girls – I confess I cannot remember which – gave me a cake mix which they had purchased on holiday. They know I love these. I  believe it is Italian [but it has a tiny Dr Oetker logo on the back]

I do not know very much Italian. Initially I thought mele was honey, like the French miel. In fact it is apples.

Bob was confused by “Togliere dal frigorifero il burro circa mezz’ora prima dell’uso”  - he wondered why we had to take the donkey out of the fridge half an hour before use.

I explained that maybe the donkey had to be at room temperature before we could beat it! [I could not explain why the Spanish use burro for donkey, and give butter the complex moniker of mantequilla though]  It made a lovely cake for the weekend though…


Delicious just sliced…or with a spoonful of Greek yogurt…or warm with custard.

Do you like my Provencal tablecloth?

It’s about 30 years old – I made it from a sale remnant when we had a cheap white melamine round table.

I did the proper circle-drawing thing, with a drawing pin and a piece of string. My current kitchen table is rectangular, but it still fits. I felt like a change from my Red Polka Dot CK-rip-off oilcloth so put the blue one on this week.


The only downside is that about the time the white table gave up the ghost and we got this one, we also purchased a PVC garden table with a central hole for a parasol. So I made a neat hole in the centre



Which is why there is now a fruit bowl on the table, hiding the hole!

I stress that no donkeys were harmed during the making of my Italian Apple Cake!!

Do check up on Liz’s recent post from her work with the Brooke [here]

brooke donkey


  1. I must get my sewing machine out and put some action in!

  2. Love the tablecloth, it is so typically French.
    The cake looks extremely good too, it is amazing how far Dr O stretches across the world.

  3. The cake looks delicious and I do like your tablecloth. Angela, I have to say that the titles of your blog posts always intrigue me! lol

  4. Just catching up after the weekend- and about to open my Graze box! I too cried over your pause. What fabulous female lineage.


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