Tuesday, 19 April 2011

St Nicholas Isn’t Just For Christmas!

I somehow stumbled upon Ann, over at this blog. And of course I had to let her know about my St Nicholas’ Church, in Norfolk, where I grew up. Although I was a member of the much larger, livelier Baptist fellowship, all our school events [Carol Services etc.] were held at the Parish Church.

She’s just let me know that she’s done a post about the Dereham Church, here.

st nicholas, dereham 

If you are ever in Dereham, do have a look at the Church, with its separate belltower [they incarcerated prisoners there, during the Napoleonic Wars] and also Bishop Bonner’s Cottages, alongside the Church

bonners cottages

These are over 500 years old, and have a fascinating history too. They are now maintained as a museum.

Thank you Ann, for mentioning a favourite bit of my local history!


  1. Hi Angela,
    The church and cottage are both so pretty. Thank you for your kind comment and the curtains were from John Lewis

    Aurora x

  2. Dear Angela,
    Thanks so much for this posting! I didn't expect it! One of those unexpected and really nice surprises! Again... many thanks for telling me about "your" St. Nicholas church!! William Cowper has always been one of my very favorites - that was such an unexpected blessing too!
    Have a lovely Holy Week!


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