Saturday, 25 August 2012

A Gift Of Love

During our holidays, we look out for some little item which we can buy as an ornament for the Christmas Tree. We didn’t see anything this summer and had given up the hunt.

But then we were waiting at George Best Airport on Tuesday afternoon. The Wild Goose Studio had a display of stuff in the shop. Bob loves Wild Goose stuff and already has a couple of their pieces [a dove and a Celtic Cross]. “If I had £43 I’d buy you that as an anniversary present” said Bob – pointing to a frame in which was mounted a relief sculpture called “The Embrace”. The design is inspired by the work of the Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi.

embrace - wild goose

The description of the piece says “Celtic love – there are many kinds of embrace

  • supportive
  • passionate
  • loving
  • a parent to a child
  • fraternal
  • celebratory
  • consoling

all of these emotions are encompassed by the simple, single act of encircling another in your arms”

DSCF4534Then I spotted a small bronze copy, on a tiny length of ribbon. Not sure if it is a phone charm, or meant to go on a neck chain or what…but it was much, much cheaper. So we treated ourselves to this loving pair to hang on our tree in December.

Very pleased with this find – an anniversary gift and a Christmas gift all in one.

I have only just got round to unpacking properly – I must put this somewhere safe, so I do not misplace it before Christmas!


  1. Did you notice we have a tiny, tiny statue of this in the dining room- I bought it for PC pre-enfants for something or other- could well have been anniversary or Christmas, only 3 days apart for us!!

    1. Sorry - I didn't spot that [where is it?]
      - now I am even MORE pleased we bought it as a reminder of our stay with you!

  2. It's beautiful and says it all.
    Love from Mum

  3. Happy anniversary Angela, its beautiful.I am always mislaying things so that would be a tricky one for me.
    My mum and dad celebrate 60 years marriage on thursday, an amazing achievement.

  4. Surely this is too lovely a piece to keep just for Christmas. You should find somewhere to hang it throughout the year and just move it to the tree during Advent.

  5. Happy Anniversary! Lovely token of your love and what a great Christmas ornament too. I like.

  6. It sounds like you have found a gift with special meaning. I try to get all my shopping done early, too, and have occasionally found things hidden away several years after the fact. Make a note so you don't forget where your treasures are.xox


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