Thursday, 16 August 2012

Angela With A Bear Behind!

On Tuesday we visited the Muckleburgh Collection near Cromer. This is the UK’s largest privately owned military collection. Bob took charge of the camera. He thoroughly enjoyed himself

Screen Captures

The centre photo is me in front of a ‘Katie’ – a K2 Ambulance from WW2. This is the sort of ambulance driven by Princess Elizabeth, and also Sylvia Syms in the film “Ice Cold in Alex”


ice cold

Altho I am not that interested in military vehicles, I found some of the exhibits of uniforms, and personal effects of service personnel quite fascinating. There are some brilliant detailed models of ships too. In the restaurant [wonderful value, the cakes are made by the in-house chef, and they are fresh, and huge!] you can borrow jackets and headgear and pose for photos. 


The entry fee [£8 per adult] initially seemed a lot – but we were there for ages, and found plenty to interest us both, and learned a lot. It was well set up for individuals, families and school groups alike. For a £5 deposit, you can even leave your dog in a secure kennel [large, and sheltered from the elements] while you look round. You have the option of paying for a ride round outside on an army truck.

Sadly the North Norfolk Amateur Radio Group Section [staffed by volunteers] was not open when we went-I am sure Bob would have loved that bit.  They seem to have thought of everything, and it was a good day out. I’d recommend this for age 5 up [under 5s go free]No idea what the bear was there for!



  1. I love places like that! Glad you had such fun xx

  2. Must say, you look extremely calm with a bear behind!
    Jane x

  3. Ha, to that last remark. I would have loved that museum, also my husband would have.


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