Wednesday, 8 August 2012

How Very Civilised!


Here’s Bob, waiting to start his tea at the Bawdeswell Garden Centre this afternoon. Adrian and Marion gave us a tea-for-two voucher at Christmas and we kept it for a Holiday Treat. Delicious! A choice of sandwiches and teas, and a selection of scones and cakes. All beautifully presented. Thanks A & M!


  1. That looks a lot for two people...did you waddle home?
    Jane x

  2. We felt...exceedingly replete!

  3. Oh macaroons, yes indeed! Replete and happy!

  4. Thank you for jogging my memory with this post, Angela...we pass this place a lot when we stay with family in north Norfolk...after reading this post, I made a mental note to pop there with my sis for Afternoon Tea this week...and, yes, we did! Home-made scones with thick cream and sliced strawberries on top -- lovely!!


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