Monday, 20 August 2012

Push The Boat Out

“No More Pyrex!” said Bob last Monday, as we set out for a meander round the charity shops of Downham Market. I love vintage Pyrex, and on this post you can see some of the pieces which live at Cornerstones.

DSCF4429“But I haven’t bought any for ages, apart from a sweet little lidded bowl in Fakenham for £1.20”

But I agreed, perhaps I do need to rein in my Charity Shop spending***.


But then he came up to me, and said “I know I said no more, but we ought to have a gravy boat!” Our newly-widowed neighbour had come for lunch with us the previous day, and Bob had served the gravy in a rather large yellow jug [it looked better than the alternative plastic Poundshop one]

That was £1 in Fakenham two years ago- so this is an old picture [I do not put large sprigs of rosemary in the gravy]

chelsea gravy boat

But on Monday Bob found this boat and saucer, and decided we did need this addition to the cupboard. £1.25

***As a true ‘Mrs Moneypenny super-scrimper’, I have worked it out.

Currently spending round £200 a year - £4 a week – in charity shops.


  1. How strange that you should blog about this! J and I were sorting out the attic room yesterday and I decided that I am not going to any more carboot sales/ auctions/ charity shops for a long time. I don't need anything and I have oodles of thrifted craft supplies. I'm probably spending more than you are , and we need that money for K's wedding, so I'm going cold turkey( or should that be tofu?)

  2. I am inspired by you and by Frugal Queen to do more charity shop shopping, but I never feel that I have the time to meander round them all in the way that I used to when the children were young and in the pram! I used to love it then but life has become such a rush, rush, rush that I feel I am missing out now - perhaps I had better do something about it! I love your gravy boat and other Pyrex, just as I admire all FQ's beautiful utility ware.

  3. What's not to love about Pyrex? I still have a piece I bought with engagement money and a piece that was a wedding gift...I use them so often, I couldn't be without them.
    Jane x
    PS Scarlet...I think it should be cold tofurky!

  4. My mum had a Pyrex gravy boat just like that! I wonder where it got to... Cx


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