Thursday, 2 August 2012

It’s Got Our Name On It!

Up even earlier this morning. We were expecting a delivery of the materials for insulating the loft.


The driver was cheerful bloke, and we were very impressed with his remote control skills as he manoeuvred the pallet of wood and rolls of insulation onto the driveway.


I did feel the need to explain that our outfits were because we were running a Kid’s Club [didn’t want him to think I was a fitness fanatic]


I loved the various bits of random signage – such as

Suitable For Bag Nipping


and please remember this one…

Do not work too close to the edge of the bed!



  1. I should put the last sign on our bed....when I was doing my phsyio I had to position myself at the very edge of the bed...I put the weights over my head....whoa!! ...the weights pulled me over the edge!
    Jane x

  2. Great post. Have a super week, Angela

  3. I shall have to start calling our bed a "vehicle". :)


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