Monday, 20 August 2012

Bob Gets On The BBC!

We have been to Giant's Causeway today. There is a crazy modern art installation there [BBC website] On the way back the BBC interviewed Bob for his opinion. He mentioned the 'alien artefacts' but only a very brief , edited, clip made it onto the radio [here] You need to listen at a point 40 minutes into the programme. I will do a longe rpost, with photos, when I get home!


  1. I think someone should have stepped in at the 'concept' stage and shouted "NO"!
    Jane x
    PS Do you two have your own parking spot at the BBC...been invited to the Christmas party?

  2. Last night's TV news not up on iplayer yet- will keep eye out! Jane right on all fronts!

  3. As I've not been following your blog for long, what is Cornerstones, please Angela?

  4. You are the second person to ask that this week - Cornerstones is the name of our little bungalow in Norfolk. This post explains how it came to be...
    ...God has blessed us, may he bless you too


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