Thursday, 16 August 2012

Home Sweet Home!

I love Cornerstones – but I am glad to be back here at the Manse in Kirby. Good things – I have a new kitchen sink, to replace the awful one with the dodgy tap which I have loathed for years, and the loft is insulated [thankyou David and Paul for all your hard work]

Less good- someone appears to have driven [or more likely reversed] into our garage in our absence – the central brick pillar between the two doors has actually been pushed back an inch or so.


It has taken a while to get all the emails dealt with. I made a decision NOT to look at ANY while on holiday. Most were out of date offers – but a few were REAL messages from friends.


I left behind at Cornerstones a plate of pretty stones and shells picked up from Heacham beach. Blues and greys – but they will still be there when I go back in October.

Now I have to unpack clothes, wrap a wedding present, sort out my outfit for tomorrow’s wedding, and then repack for our weekend in NI with Mags and Family. I shall perhaps do some ironing whilst watching the Hairy Dieters.

I have had to rethink my wedding outfit – due to the awful proliferation of bites all over my neck and back, the original dress wasn’t really an option. Last Saturday Marion kindly offered to lend me something to wear. She fetched half a dozen dresses from her wardrobe for me to try on. With helpful – and otherwise- comments from Bob and Adrian, we settled on an appropriate frock. Steph had given us some gift tokens as an early Wedding Anniversary present – so I have been able to buy myself a fancy clip for my hair. There will be photos taken at some point!


  1. Oh I'm so pleased to hear that your new sink has finally been fitted. Have a wonderful weekend with Mags. x

  2. I'm reading these posts backwards! Sorry about your bikes, I can sympathise, I have what appears to be one great long bite just below my hairline at the back. Fortunately hair is long but not too tatty nowadays not to have to be tied back. The bites are driving me crazy. It looks as if someone has tried to strangle me from the back!


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