Friday, 31 August 2012

Wise Advice


Isn’t this a great poster? It was designed by the great Fred G Cooper, the gifted American artist for the US Government during WW1. These words from 1917 still have relevance for today. Intriguingly this poster is occasionally reproduced with #4 & #5 altered to read ‘save what will keep’ and ‘eat what will spoil’ – personally, I think the original ‘buy local foods’ and ‘serve just enough’ is better.

On the subject of wartime food production – this time WW2, I am looking forward to the return of Ruth, Alex and Peter for the Wartime Farm next Thursday on BBC2

wartime farm

I’ve just discovered a new blog [only started this month] called I blame Enid Blyton which looks like it may be full of some good ideas. You will see the ‘other’ Cooper Food poster there.


  1. The poster is very relevant to us all today.
    I didnt know there was going to be a Wartime Farm. We enjoy those programmes very much.I'll keep a lookout for it.

  2. I DO hope we get this on TVO video on demand (computer , we don't have TV). I loved all the previous 'farm' series.
    Jane x

  3. I've seen that poster in a photoshoot of a beautiful Yorkshire kitchen, and suffered from typical Magazine Envy... It does make such sense! Less wheat and meat, and probably fewer dairy products too, from todays' point of view. Hmm. It's tricky, that one.

    Perhaps I should look into getting these farm series on DVD... Like Jane, our options are restricted.

  4. I'm looking forward to the new Farm series too, I agree with the wise words in the poster - I am getting better about serving just enough but it has taken a lot of practice!

  5. Working on the watse thing here. Throw out far too much- usually from boys' plates!

  6. At least I am confident that the Farm series will be repeated so I will get to see them then. There are not that many tv programmes that I want to watch but so many of those seem to be shown on a Thursday evening. We transferred our Sunday evening church service to a Thursday evening so I'm busy.

    Happy belated anniversary to you both : )


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