Friday, 17 August 2012

Blanket Stitch


The crochet blanket – one massive Stash-Busting Granny Square detailed here looks good on the sofa here at Cornerstones.

It is exactly the right colours for the floral print on the sofa. That has been a very satisfying project.

But I have had another Cornerstones project on the go. Do you remember all those squares I was knitting in May – using up all the blue DK wools in the Stash?



Having been taught to make a basic Granny Square by Catherine back in November, when I visited Mags in Belfast, I subsequently got this book in an attempt to develop my skills.


Now I can do double crochet and half-treble. So I edged all 165 four inch squares in some navy four ply, then arranged them in rows till I was happy with the appearance. I sewed them up and edged it all with a few rows of royal blue half-treble.

Here’s my second Cornerstones Blanket


I’ve also brought the cushion I made up using the blue Log Cabin examples which I made ages ago to demonstrate the technique to the girls at Sewing Club. Front and back views…


I just love redeeming the remnants to make beautiful things! I look forward to my next visit to Cornerstones in the autumn, and snuggling up in a blanket!


  1. Hi Angela love your creations they look really super. Particularly love the second blanket and the way you have graded the colours - love the patchwork too. There is nothing nicer than snuggling up under a home made blanket in the cooler months. I usually face competition with the pets as they are rather partial to crotchet blankets too and they try and muscle in when I have one of the larger models on the go staking their claim. There's a whiff of autumn again I picked blackberries yesterday about a litre which I snaffled into the freezer. I am going to see if I can get OH to take me to my normal blackberry foraging grounds (its quite a way from our house) so that I can try and snaffle as much as I can away -I have not been as industrious on the preserves front this year but there is still time for that to change.

    Take care and carry on the good work



  2. What lovely colours, Angela, my favourite blues. Your log cabin is super!

  3. Thank you!

    PattyPan - we couldn't find ANY ripe blackberries in Norfolk last week - this time last year I picked a lot. Maybe will find some round here next week!

  4. I really love those colours. I love the cushions as well. Have you read the blog attic24? Little Tin Bird is another one similar (they live in same town and are friends) and both crochet. attic24 is a very well known blog in the knitting/crochet magazines.

  5. Beautiful crafts! x

  6. Oh wow! This is fabulous- are you bringing a little project avec? Minus the hook I suppose for safe flying!! We have a Hookery night planned for you, on Monday I think- with a simultaneous jamming session for the local and visiting worship folk! There will be much evidence of projects from the set text!

  7. I love the squares blanket..clever clogs!
    Jane x

  8. Hi Angela! It's great to be catching up on my favourite blogs after a while away. I have a blanket like the first one you show - crocheted by my Nana for me some 35 years ago.

  9. Wow, the blanket looks wonderful - so much movement.

  10. Love your blankets - well done you!


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