Thursday, 23 August 2012

Holiday At Home

A quick break from post-holiday domestic chores to call in at the end of the ‘Holiday At Home’ which has been running at church all this week for the OAPs [it’s like Holiday Bible Club for grown-ups] This year had a patriotic London Theme. The Church Hall was decorated with much bunting and patriotic red, white and blue stuff.


Janet, who was in charge of everything made loads of flowers


Here is Janet, being Luvverly, as Eliza Doolittle in the concert


Isn’t Brian and Trevor’s Tower Bridge backdrop fantastic?


The youngest team members, Emma and Sarah provided a musical interlude [well done Emma, on excellent GCSE results today!]


Meal time place mats were enlarged, laminated, travelcards


Her Majesty came along for the fun too. Well, she is a pensioner, so quite entitled to join in - and I suspect that she probably wanted to get away from the furore surrounding her grandson. The face is cardboard, the hands are plastic- but the costume is an incredibly intricate knitted affair!

And when we left at the end of the afternoon, we spotted David, still working. This time [having left our loft] he was up on the church roof. He is always so determined to get the jobs done.


Well done everyone who worked so hard to give pleasure to the ‘holidaymakers’ – your efforts were greatly appreciated.

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  1. Thanks for showing some photos of Holiday at Home,it looks like everything was very well decorated and I hear from Mum that all the guests had a good time.


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